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The first county Extension agent in Texas was appointed in 1906, 8 years before the organization of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Two years later, T.M. (Tom) Marks, county agricultural agent, organized the first boys’ “corn club” in Jack County. Marks found that he was more successful teaching new production technology to the youth than to the adults. Within a matter of years, “pig clubs,” “beef calf clubs” (Coleman County, 1910) and girls’ “tomato clubs” (Milam County, 1912) were also initiated. The stage was set for the rapid expansion of educational programs directed to rural youth. Within a span of 91 years, 4-H enrollment in Texas has grown from the original 25 corn club members in Jack County in 1908 to more than one million youth in 2000!



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What can I do in 4-H?

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 Food & Nutrition Recordbooks
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